Kobaien releases « In Your Heart » on Wired

KOBAIEN has unveiled a powerful track called « In Your Heart », alongside french DJ and Producer Sound Of Bam, and african singer Lizwi that has quickly become a club favorite, on top afro label Wired run by Enzo Siffredi.

This energetic song perfectly captures the essence of Afro soundscapes, blending powerful rhythms with the hypnotic voice of Lizwi.

The addition of vibrant trumpet sections breathes life into the track, elevating it to an anthem status for dance floors worldwide.

« In Your Heart » is a journey into the heart of Afro-inspired electronic music, designed to captivate and energize audiences in clubs and beyond.

KOBAIEN’s collaboration with Sound of Bam and Lizwi has resulted in a masterpiece that resonates with the soulful and dynamic spirit of the genre.

Release Date : 30th June, 2023

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