Pioneering the Electronic Music Scene from Paris, Kobaien has carved a unique niche in the DJ and production landscape.

His journey took off in 2022 with the breakout track « Zimbabwe » released on Moblack Records, earning acclaim from industry giants like Black Coffee and Keinemusik, and establishing him as a force to reckon with.

His debut solo venture, « The Call, » featuring the ethereal vocals of Brume on Giving Records, resonated deeply, securing a spot in Beatport’s top 50 upon release.

He recently released « In Your Heart » on the renowned Afro Label Wired, a track that received a warm welcome.

Beyond producing, KOBAIEN has made significant contributions to Paris’s nightlife, introducing the « Requiem » concept and inviting international DJs to the city.

Back in the days, he co-founded the new wave band Flying Turns with Gesaffelstein and Yan Wagner, showcasing his versatility and pioneering spirit.

KOBAIEN’s journey reflects his unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music, inspiring both contemporaries and aspiring artists alike.

Many project and released will appear very soon!